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Believe it or not, we made the decision to get married alone, with no witnesses present. Unfortunately, we didn’t realize the full impact that decision would have on our lives and the lives of our children until a couple of years later.

Thus, the love that we share, inspired by the lack of
our own wedding images to pass down to our children, was the catalyst
for Dark Roux Photography.
If our business is the gumbo, then love, emotion, and togetherness are our roux.

You and your loved ones are the spice that keeps us coming back for more, as we find
inspiration in the simplicity of laughter and love between our clients.

Hi! I'm Jamie

I grew up on the Bayou just north of New Orleans. Much of my summers as an adolescent were spent dodging alligators and snakes with my friends. There’s nothing like walking in your back yard and looking down to see a huge poisonous snake between your feet sunning itself. Oh.. I also have an extreme fear of snakes so my parents picked a great place for me to grow up, haha!

Well I love all things edible and drinkable. Now I can’t cook a bit, not even a little. Lucky for me I married one of the most amazing cooks in the world! One time I tried to be nice and make dinner for Heather, and that was the only time! She told me to grab a cold beer, go watch some tv on the couch, and that she’d let me know when dinner’s ready. It’s been that way for almost 10 years now and I would’t change it for the world.

I’m an ex- musician. I say “ex” because I don’t ever find myself with the time make any music. I love me some Heavy Metal but I’ll pretty much listen to anything that doesn’t suck. If it’s relaxing, I’m into it.

Besides that, my daughters are my biggest inspirations and love. Everything I do and everything I am is because of the smile I see on their faces. Heather is my best friend and we’re so blessed to have the most beautiful little girls and love for one and other!

To see what is in my camera bag please check out
  • Favorite Bands

    Beatles, Deftones, The Doors, Pantera, Radiohead

  • Favorite City

    New Orleans

  • Favorite Food

    Fried Oyster Po-Boy and a Barq's Cream Soda

  • Favorite Vacation spot

    Anywhere with Mountains

  • Favorite Holiday


  • Favorite Way to spend an afternoon

    backyard crawfish boil

  • Favorite Photographer

    Helmut Newton




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Hi! I'm Heather

I thoroughly enjoy numbers and math, which is why I am horrible at writing and can’t properly form a paragraph.

Touching glitter makes me happy. I love to craft and make things with my hands, particularly food.

I go over the top with party planning for my daughters’ birthday party.

I have a very dry sense of humor, and very much enjoy watching stand-up specials on Netflix.

I always knew I didn’t want a “normal” 9-5 job, but I never knew what career I actually wanted to completely throw myself into until I fell in love with photography.

I probably change my hair color 4 times a year.



  • Favorite Photographer

    Richard Avedon

  • Favorite TV Show

    Breaking Bad

  • Favorite Food

    Macaroni and cheese

  • Favorite Flower


  • Favorite Wine

    Pinot Noir

  • Favorite Color


Meet the team


Coming all the way from the Lafayette area, Katie brings her sophisticated style to Dark Roux weddings. She's the perfect complement to Dark Roux and she's one of the most hilarious people we know!


A true New Orleans local. Eddie is hands down one of the most talented photographers we've ever worked with. There aren't enough words to explain how great Eddie is behind the camera and his character as a father and a friend. He's Bad to the Bone and we seriously love him!

Yvonne B

Yvonne is our office manager. She's the glue who keeps everything together and will most likely be the one who answers your email! Where would we be without our sweet Yvonne and her totally awesome music playlists?

How to find us?

1011 Lowerline ST
New Orleans, LA 70118

PHONE: (504) 264-6114

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