Laure and Jeff Engagement – Downtown, New Orleans

Laure and Jeff wanted to go back to where their relationship started, which was on the corner of Rampart and Poydras. Jeff met Laure while she was working a a tailgating party before a Saints game. Laure swears that her outfit was what caught his eye, haha! What is so refreshing about their story is how organic it is. They have no mutual friends that hooked them up, they didn’t go to the same school, or meet on a dating site, they didn’t even live in the same town. Just a good old story of boy sees girl, boy asks girl on a date, they fall in love and live happy ever after!

With an afternoon of just walking around downtown and reliving their early relationship, it was nice to just take it slow. We topped it off with a quick stop at our studio (since we were in the area) for some much needed air conditioning. Gotta love these Louisiana summers! 🙂

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