New Orleans Superdome engagement – Elise and Joe

So Elise and Joe give us a call and ask, “Would you be cool shooting our engagements inside of the New Orleans Superdome, we’ll have it all to ourselves?”. Ummm. Let me think. Yeah!! I’m not 100% sure who Elise knew but they pulled some major strings. We had the entire New Orleans Superdome all to ourselves, and I mean that. Now I’ve been on the floor of the Dome before for car shows and other random events, but never while the New Orleans Saints had their field laid out, and never without thousands of other people there too. The first thing I noticed was the texture. There are millions of little black rocks in the grass that kind of move beneath your feet almost feeling like mud. It’s a little squishy. Being all alone gave us time to play around and we were able to explore places that are normally off limits.

With the 9th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina just around the corner I couldn’t help but think of all of the people stuck in there during that hard time, including my Great Aunt Louise. Exploring all of the hallways alone definitely left me with the feeling that we weren’t completely alone. But I guess that’s the superstitious side of New Orleans that is in our blood. Elise and Joe are two of the coolest couples we’ve worked with and our personalities completely clicked. Joe is totally smitten with Elise and it shows so much. We can’t wait for their wedding in February. How awesome is it to have your engagements done in the Superdome at the start of the New Orleans Saints season and your wedding during Mardi Gras season in the greatest city in America!!


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