New Orleans Wedding at Bayou St. John – Kelly and Daniel

This New Orleans wedding at Bayou St. John was amazing! We sincerely love it when a couple celebrates their wedding day in a style that is true to them and their love story. Kelly and Daniel are seriously the most precious couple we have ever had the pleasure of working with; they didn’t leave each other’s side the entire night! The day started with Kelly and Daniel getting ready with their closest friends and family. Kelly relaxed with her girls while Daniel played board games with his guys , and all the while they were both hoping the rain would go away.

The ceremony was to take place on the Magnolia Bridge, but unfortunately the rain wouldn’t let up. Danielle from NOLA Bash orchestrated the entire day and she was determined to make everything perfect for Kelly, Daniel, and their guests. The ceremony was moved to the Pitot house where the reception was to be held, and it was beautiful! The Big Fun Brass Band welcomed the guests with traditional New Orleans music and food trucks waited right outside to feed everyone. That’s right…food trucks! Taceaux Loceaux and The Fat Falafel were there, and they were amazing! Adding to the sheer awesomeness of this incredible wedding was the decision to have Hansen’s Sno-Bliz serve everyone sno-balls rather than wedding cake.

We cried during their vows and we cried when they danced together because the love between Kelly and Daniel is so obvious. We cried when we heard about their love notes and letter they wrote each other, and read the story that Daniel wrote just for Kelly. It was so refreshing to shoot a wedding this unique and full of true love. It was the epitome of what a real wedding is, and what a real marriage means. We wish them so many great things for their future together, and we know it will be a really sweet one.

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  1. Nanny Sharon:
    June 01, 2014, 1:05 AM

    The Perfect Wedding for the perfect couple. Complete with a dash of both their personalities;the “cake”, the bikes, the food trucks, the bayou and the place,
    Kelly & Daniel’s Wedding was the epitome of sharing and love. The wedding was most enjoyable because it was the essence of Kelly & Daniel,enjoyment of life together.

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