New Orleans Wedding; St. Mary’s Assumption church – Brandi and Kevin Wedding

There are few New Orleans Weddings that really surprise us but this St. Mary’s Assumption church wedding sure did. We always have fun but this wedding in particular had a twist that caught us so off guard our jaws literally hit the floor! I’ll get back to that in a second 🙂

We shot Brandi and Kevin’s engagement photos a while back and fell in love with this couple. Their chemistry with each other and the free flowing attitude when it came to working with our style was a perfect match for us. These two decided to do a first look and ended up having the entire observation deck at the Hilton Riverside to themselves, that was until the bridesmaids figured with all of that extra room on the deck that they might come out for a sneak peek! The ceremony was held at St. Mary’s Assumption Church, which is now hands down the most beautiful church in New Orleans, in our opinion. Brandi and Kevin chose the church simply because it was the church they attend every Sunday while they lived in the area.

Now here comes the twist; the reception was held at Pat O’Brian’s on the River and it was there where we saw the coolest thing we’d ever seen at a wedding. The wedding party and some close friends of theirs stood in a circle and the next thing we know the lights go down and Warren G’s ‘Regulate’ starts blasting through the speakers. Out came the MD 20/20!!! The group passed each other multiple bottles of the American fortified wine around and around until the last sip was gone! We’ve never seen such an amazing wedding ritual, and for that Brandi and Kevin, we will always love you!!!

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