New Orleans Wedding, Southern Oaks Plantation – Brittany and Brandon

When you think about a New Orleans wedding and August a few thoughts can come to mind. Heat, humidity, sweating, heat & humidity, or maybe the John Besh restaurant of the same name. Brittany and Brandon hit the weather jackpot for their wedding. A seasonally unusual cool front came through the night before Brittany and Brandon’s New Orleans wedding that was held at the beautiful Southern Oaks Plantation, and coming all the way from San Francisco this was a welcomed treat for them and their many visiting guests who aren’t as acclimated to our summer weather. But let’s be honest, you never really get used to it!

We met Brittany and Brandon at the Ritz Carlton  where they got ready. With some time to spare Brandon and his guys decided to go out for a while on Bourbon Street for some some fresh air and to get a few drinks. Once Brittany was ready she headed down stairs where she met Brandon for their first look. After all of the bridal party and guests were loaded up, they made their way to Southern Oaks Plantation. It was a beautiful ceremony with a ton of emotion. After their vows, their guests were delightfully surprised by a second line brass band which is very common for a New Orleans wedding. The reception was one of the most dance filled weddings that we’ve ever had the privilege to photograph. At most weddings there is a group of guests who dance and there’s a group that chooses to sit back and just enjoy the celebration at a more relaxed pace. This group was there to party! New Orleans weddings never get old and we believe it’s because there is always so much fun and excitement in this great city. We know that Brittany and Brandon had a great time and we want to wish nothing but the best for them in their new lives together! Congratulations!!

  1. Steven Steinberg:
    August 20, 2013, 11:48 PM

    wow, what a beautiful wedding: you and Brandon look wonderful together. As my wife and I celebrate our 42nd anniversary tomorrow, let me leave you with one thought: let your love for each other grow every day. that’s how Beth and I got to 42 and there’s no turning back for us, just like there’s no turning back for you both. enjoy these priceless moments. We miss you in Emeryville.

  2. Auntie Winona:
    August 21, 2013, 12:02 PM

    One of the most beautiful wedding experiences, shared by 250 of B and B;s closest friends and loving families. Southern Oaks Plantation hospitality was barring none. What a Blessing, can’t wait for my 2nd tier god nieces and nephews from the Markey’s.
    Love peace and hugs, from Auntie Winona, Kingston’s “Auntie Cole and family!
    Next up ! See you in Cancun for Jade and Jelani’s wedding vows.

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