New Orleans Wedding – Zoe and Travis

We’re in the middle of the New Orleans Wedding season, like full on 100%! We’ve been working non-stop for the past 2 months but today we had to take a break and slowdown (with a mid day bike ride through some swamp) and it was on the list to blog a wedding. We haven’t blogged in a while and we know there’s still those out there who want to see what we’ve been up too. Instagram is amazing and we love being as active as we can on there but on our blog is still the best place to see a complete story. So without further ado, we’d love to share with the world the wedding of Zoe and Travis! We decided to blog Zoe’s wedding because from the second we walked in the door we were inspired. Inspired by Zoe’s soft voice and bubbly personality, inspired by the insane little details throughout the day, inspired by the handmade dress that Zoe’s sister made for her, inspired by the guests and their adventurous attitudes. So much was there that day that we just fell in love with Travis and his bride. The location of their story was centered in the Marigny Opera House which served as both the ceremony and reception. (This is one of the venues in New Orleans that can seamlessly accommodate this type of flip if you’re a bride looking!)

Between the ceremony and the reception was an amazing secondline through the historic Marigny neighborhood. And we have to say it was so nice that we were able to photograph this wedding during the day. The past few years the trend has been for late night time weddings in New Orleans and the new trend of daytime weddings has us excited. There’s so much opportunity for gorgeous light which gives us so much more to work with. Zoe and Travis are two incredible souls and we’re so excited that we were able to take this day and but it in a bottle for them. That’s what this is all about. Locking this day down and putting it into a tangible album that will be touched, opened, and loved. We can’t wait to see Zoe and Travis open their own album and relive their day whenever they want to relive it!

before I go I have to give a huge bow and acknowledge the teams here in New Orleans that helped put this together. Ryan for being an awesome friend and fellow photographer, Elle R Jay Events with the planning and making sure this night was perfect, Marigny Opera House for always being so hospitalitable, and Pistil and Stamen for time and time again surprising us with the gorgeousness that they do with locally grown flowers!!! -Respect and Love

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