A Rooftop Wedding Ceremony in New Orleans – Stephanie and Chad

This rooftop wedding ceremony in New Orleans comes with a warning: “We do not take photos of ourselves very often so will probably be a little awkward in front of the camera.” This is what Stephanie wrote to us just before her wedding. To be honest we read and hear this exact same thing all of the time.

She continued: “So any direction you can provide us in the moment on how to stand or smile or what to do with our hands would be greatly appreciated. We don’t want to look too “posey” but also do not want to look too awkward either! We love natural shots but are probably awkward at those as well.”

On your wedding day it’s all about letting go of your inhibitions and becoming ultimately relaxed. Remember that everyone there is happy for you and supporting you on on the highest levels. There’s no reason to feel uncomfortable about anything, especially how your posing for us in front of the camera, because it’s pot about posing! It’s about being yourself in your moment.

When couples aren’t relaxed and start to feel awkward, that’s when you they awkward lol! On their day of their wedding, Stephanie and Chad ended up felling relaxed and comfortable; which made it easy to capture their wedding day’s honesty. Nothing fake, just them and what happened.

Stephanie and Chad got ready at Hotel Peter and Paul, which is one of our favorite Hotels in the entire New Orleans area. In fact our last wedding blog post of Will and Paul had their whole wedding there. You can check it out here if you’d like to see it. After the prep was over they went to Capulet for their rooftop ceremony. But first the coupe made time for them to have a first look which was special for them and made the rest of the day run 100x smoother.

´╗┐The sunset was in full swing as Stephanie walked down the aisle to meet Chad. We’re very happy that they decided to do something a little adventures while the weather was still nice and have everyone outside on the roof of the Capulet! The rest of the night turned into Stephanie and Chad’s dream party with them in the center. Making memories that will last their entire lifetime. Spanish Oaks Events was there taking care of all the details and keeping the ship on track. B Street Benny was there keeping the party rocking. Huge shoutout and kisses to Herbivore, our favorite guys!