A Swampy Vacation

We gave our daughter a choice of where she wanted to go on vacation. We suggested the beach, but she surprised us when she said, “I wanna go to the swamp”.

I was reluctant, “Are you sure? Wouldn’t you like to go play in the sand with your beach toys?”. We even gave her the opportunity to change her mind a dozen times, but she wasn’t having it.


So we headed to Lafayette. Luckily for us we went on the same weekend as Festival International, which is a free outdoor music festival with performers from all over the world.

In-between listening to some awesome music, we enjoyed snowball’s and face painting. The girl at the hotel told us it gets really crowded, sometimes too crowded. Being from New Orleans and being used to the biggest of crowds, it was fine. There was plenty of room to move, the crowd was friendly, and there were families with their kids all over the place. We felt comfortable the entire time (and not just because the weather was nice)!


Vada wan’t gonna let us go home without taking her directly into the swamp. We cruised the wet wilderness on a 21ft pontoon boat with the coolest tour guide. He fed us homemade cajun food, taught us the history of the cajun people, and armed with his accordion; he had our daughter dancing the whole time. She even got to drive the boat for a minute.

At one point we stopped to feed the alligators and our tour guide actually had his finger bitten!


Even though we were only 2 hours away from home, it was awesome to get out and remember what makes Louisiana such a special place to live!!