Arkansas Wedding – Maddie and Logan Wedding

This Arkansas Wedding might break our record for longest blog post ever and we’re ok with that. There was a lot to going on and we shot in a place that had a lot to offer. GreyStone Estate on Beaver Lake was the name of this incredible mansion on Beaver Lake in Rogers Arkansas. It was owned by the guy who somehow bought the rights to all of Volkswagen back in the day for like maybe 2600 bucks and then sold it back to Volkswagen like 2 years later for 150 million bucks or something like that. That’s what the new owners told me, all we know is that place was freaking dope! So now it’s owned by a new family who’s taking care of the property and letting awesome couples like Maddie and Logan have their perfect wedding there. So ok, speaking of perfect wedding, Maddie and Logan originally was supposed to have their wedding in New Orleans and the pandemic ruined that. They reached out to us to let us know they weren’t going to be able to make it down to New Orleans and now it’s gonna be an Arkansa wedding; so we were like shit let’s go!! I’m telling ya this was insane and worked out so much better in the long run. They got ready at the estate and then everyone was bussed to the Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel which looked like something out of a fairy tale. It had all this incredible natural light and amazing wooden arches all over the place. It really blew us away. So Maddie and Logan kick ass. They were so super nice and welcoming to us, we felt like we had been friends for years. And their friends treated us the same too. One of Logan’s groomsmen look identical to the Winter Soldier from the Captain America movies and was super cool enough to prank call our 12 year old daughter (who’s obsessed with Marvel movies) and left her a cool video message thanking her for being a fan. She totally fell for it hahaha! We want to give a huge special shoutout to the team over at Buzz Events (click that link) for completely destroying this setup in the best way possible, they absolutely killed it! Y’all if you’re looking some a team that’s so easy to work with and if you’re in the market for a full service planning and design team, Buzz Events should be the first place you check, for real. And we can’t forget the Funk Factory NWA for kicking ass and keeping the party going and making sure everyone was staying warm dancing and sweating because it got cold as shit when that sun went down. Maddie and Logan, your wedding was freaking incredible. We’ll never forget it. Thank you for letting us tell your story!!!!! 100% the whole damn thing was magical.