Birmingham Alabama Wedding – Andrea & Chris

We flew out to Birmingham Alabama this past October to help tell the story of Andrea and Chris. We wanted to share some of our favorite moments from their wedding because of how quirky and fun this wedding was. So we’ve never actually spent any time in Birmingham besides just driving through on the interstate and we were really liked the city. It had way more character than we originally thought it would thought. Everything started at their home and it was this cute mid century modern home on the top of a hill that was filled with so much of their own art. They stayed away from each other on opposite sides of the house until it was time for their first look. It’s really cool to have been able to have these kinds of moments in their own home. I can only imagine how much more sentimental that makes your home to you when you go to sell it in the future.

Andrea and Chris’s ceremony was on the rooftop of a large building downtown. It was the afternoon so the sun was begging to set making the light perfect for us. If you’re planning a sunset wedding make sure it’s not too close to the sun setting. If you run late, which usually happens, you don’t want to lose the golden light. The rings were passed around to everyone who came so they can all pass along some positive energy into them for Andrea and Chris. We thought that was a unique take and would be a cool tradition to try. We hope that you enjoy the rest of this Birmingham Alabama wedding. Remember that some of the best and most honest wedding stories that we’ve told have been what some would consider ‘outside of the box’. Andrea didn’t have a typical wedding dress and their wedding was far from a super traditional and that’s why we freaking loved it.