Christmas from a different perspective

Christmas this year was wonderful. My daughter woke me up with a huge smile and a big “Merry Christmas, Daddy!”. We went straight for the presents under the tree, a video camera in my hand and one of our trusty dslr’s in Heather’s hand. Afterwards we went to my parents house for Christmas part 2! Our little girl lucked out. I swear you’d think she was the only kid in the world and she is to be worshiped with gifts! (only kidding!)

Later in the afternoon we were off to the in-laws to celebrate Christmas part 3! But before that we made a stop one to my see my Grandfather at his nursing home for what could be called Christmas 2.5….

My Dad’s father recently passed two weeks ago and I sure as hell wasn’t going to miss seeing my other Grandfather for Christmas. Now I’ve been there umpteen times but I guess I wasn’t prepared to see what I saw today on Christmas of all days.

When we arrived, we were greeted (if you could call it that) by a multitude of elderly patients just sitting in their wheelchairs out in the hallways and in the lobby for family that wasn’t coming. It broke my heart. Some didn’t even make it out of their rooms. One man I saw had an American flag blanket wrapped over his head for what reason I don’t know. Perhaps he just didn’t want anything to do with the holiday. Sections of the home were empty (I’m sure most of the employees were on Holiday leave to be with there families).


There was one bright spot here in all of this……… THIS GUY!!!!!

Folks, meet my Grandfather Wilgus Watkins (World War Two Hero and {more importantly} Family man!).


His first words when we entered his room were, “Alright…. My family didn’t let me down!”.

As of two weeks ago my Grandfather has been bed ridden for the past 8 months or so. Last week the home had their annual Christmas party and he was so excited that he requested to be put in a chair so that he could be wheeled out to see the festivities. Needless to say how much this meant to my family (even more for my Mother). Today was the same. He wanted to see the place again, so we got some nurses to get him dressed and put him in a chair. As soon as he got in the hallway he broke the silence. “HELLO!! HO HO HO, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!”, HEY EVERYONE IT’S ME!!!”. He was literally shouting. We wheeled my daughter along side of him while they both waved and yelled out “Throw me something Mister”, as if they were in some sort of parade.

Now I’m not putting this up here for everyone who reads it to get depressed, but I want to remind everyone (well for those who might need reminding) that Christmas isn’t about standing in line at Best Buy, getting the best parking spot at Target, spending money, or getting presents (Man, I sound like a Charles Dickens novel….) but it’s about family. Maybe I’m a little sentimental because I just lost my other Grandfather earlier this month. But I would never miss an opportunity to spend time with this guy, WIlgus Watkins. Especially on Christmas!!!