Los Angeles Wedding – Lauren and Shea Wedding

This was our first time doing a Los Angeles wedding and we said “we have to go all out, there’s no other choice”. We’ve known Lauren for years because she’s an incredibly talented wedding photographer in her own right (check her out here and give her some love!) and she has shot and trained with the stupidly gifted Calloway Gable, who in full disclosure are our super duper friends! Lauren and Shea’s wedding just outside of Los Angeles in Simi Valley had it all, I swear. They got married at spot named Quail Ranch which is a real working avocado farm and it might be one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever photographed. Rentals from Otis + Pearl and Found Rentals perfectly tied in Lauren’s vision for a gorgeous cheery event with the venue. The whole setup was breath taking, we don’t even talk like that but it really was something special. We have to give the hugest tip of the hat to Kiersten with LB Event Planning because she totally knocked this event out of the park! She had everything on lock! Like everything, all of it, ran smoothly from months before the wedding through the end of the reception. Command Performance and Liquid Catering totally killed it. They took such great care of all the guests (including us), people were raving about the food and service all night. Wild Muse Floral completely blew us away. Lauren’s florals were absolutely nuts! We’ve never thought too much about how personal florals can be, and we feel like Wild Muse encapsulated Lauren’s personality in flower form: bright, cheery, gorgeous, and a bit wild. Plus they blended beautifully with all of the venues already natural beauty. Wes Films was there with us doing his video thing and dude is a sweetheart! Lucky Devils was awesome too, can’t forget them. Super killer crowd thriller of a band!

There were so many details here and we hope you enjoy reliving their day. This is a long post broken up into 4 parts. We can’t say enough how amazing this wedding was. To Lauren and Shea… We fucking love ya!!