April 23, 2021

New Orleans Wedding (on that West Bank) – Alex and Jacob

Alright here’s a New Orleans wedding on that West Bank! Alex and Jacob had something completely different planned for their wedding and then Corona went and threw a wrench into their plans. Not wanting to wait anymore Jacob’s aunt was kind enough to open up their home and backyard to invite everyone over so that their wedding would still happen. You might have read the blog post title and wondered what the West Bank has to do with anything, but if you’ve ever met anyone from the West Bank you’ll know that over there, on the other side of the river, shit goes down. They’re built differently over there, they go hard! They even broke the bed in the bridal suite hoping all on it lol!

Once it was time for the ceremony Alex met her dad outside where he got to see her for the first time which was super sweet. Jacob and Alex have been in a relationship for a very long time, since high school if I remember correctly, and they’re super connected and emotional. Once Alex and Jacob had their first kiss they were surprised by confetti canons which always is a super cool way to start off the walk back down the aisle. They even had a parade of neighbors and guests who couldn’t make it to the wedding (because of gathering restrictions) drive by in their cars with champagne for drive-by toasts. As the sun went down the party ramped up. Every square inch of that dance floor was covered by someone! The night ended with fireworks and a second line though the streets of the same neighborhood that Jacob grew up in. Wild stuff!

Congratulations Alex and Jacob!