Prints and why they’re so important



How many of you actually still get physical prints made of your pictures?


We’re guilty of not getting prints made as regularly as we should. We literally have thousands of personal pictures stored safely in hard drives tucked away where no one sees them.


Recently Heather and I were reminded just how important tangible photographic prints are. My Grandfather passed away a couple of months ago and at the time of his passing he had nothing.

No money, no material belongings, just some clothes and a few nick knacks that my Mother and her siblings held onto for memories. I went to my Mom’s house a few days after his funeral and she had a box for me on the kitchen counter. Inside the small shoe box were a bunch of black and white photographs. I had no idea who most of the people in the pictures were. We started to go through them one at a time and what was laid out in front of me was my family,  my heritage, my history. Some of the pictures were over 100 years old. I was looking at my Great Grandparents and Great Great Grandparents. Below is a collection of some of the prints that were left to me by my Grandfather after his recent death.


This is my Grandfather as a small barefoot backwoods country boy



Life before TV (a blanket and dead animal parts = hours of family fun)



My Great Grandfather in 1918



Family men tending to the fields



This is my Great Great Grandfather



My Grandfather and his brother liked to joke around (with guns)



This is my Great Great Grandmother who never had running water in her home (she raised 6 children, 5 boys)



Now here I am, staring at these images and then I started thinking. What will my shoe box look like after I’m gone? What will I have to pass on to my children and my children’s children? Will the contents of my shoe box just be a hard drive or some DVD’s? You know, technology changes so much, so fast. Having your images on a DVD sounds great right now (and it works). But think about those whos wedding video is on VHS or even beta. The formats we use now for storage will not be the same in future generations.


What once was the most futuristic thing we’d ever seen just less than 10 years ago, now looks like an ancient (and almost laughable) piece of technology.



Please keep this in mind when going through your pictures from your wedding, birthday party, graduation, child’s birth, and all of life’s important moments on your computer screen. There’s something really organic and human about physically holding a picture that was held by someone else years before. It somehow connects you to the past, connects you to loved ones. The walls and shelves of our home are quickly filling up with our own special moments. Now when we come home, we see our family and friends as soon as we walk in the door. We don’t have to wait and log into our computers or facebook. It’s funny how in today’s fast paced and hectic world, sometimes the simplest of things can make a huge emotional difference in our everyday lives.

We’re working on ours.



What will your shoebox look like?……….