Texas Wedding at Dove Hollow Estate – Bobbi and Sarah

It’s time for another edition of “tell us about this wedding”! This one was a Texas wedding at Dove Hollow Estate with two beautiful brides: Bobbi and Sarah. Full disclosure, we’ve known Bobbi and Sarah for a couple of years now, even before they were engaged. These kinds of stories are even more fun to shoot because we know more about the couple, their history, their friends, their family, etc. We’re so happy that they found each other and that they’ll always have the unconditional love in their lives that they deserve. Sarah and Bobbi are meant to be together 100% and they are perfect in every way for each other.

It’s always a huge honor when friends ask us to photograph their own weddings because it’s a heavy task to deliver. It was our first time shooting at Dove Hollow Estate in Longview TX and hope it isn’t our last, because it’s a really cool venue. Tons of light and a lot of really unique details that make it special. Who doesn’t love a black chapel?!

The two brides had an emotional ceremony with a ton of confetti that popped right at that perfect first kiss moment, and we even got to use some smoke bombs that they brought. (They burned the sidewalk a bit but thank god it came up with a little pressure washing) The reception began with a ton of Truly and a bangin taco dinner with some special toasts and cheers to Bobbi and Sarah. The DJ’s turned out the lights and turned up the cryo-cannons that I’m kinda bummed I didn’t get to shoot if I’m being honest! But we’re so happy for Sarah and Bobbi finding each other. For being who they are. And for being great friends. We love y’all for real!